How to get your child into a school routine for Back to School

Having an organized morning before school and preventing running round the house looking for a book bag or PE kit just before you leave the house. Being late to school persistently, which can lead to disciplinary actions, can affect your child’s attainment and ability to settle. This can be avoided through developing a regular routine. 

Get prepared the night before:

To have a stress-free morning, start with organizing a evening routine. You can cut out unnecessary steps in the morning. You can encourage your child to develop responsibility for their possessions and time management. 

Things you could prepare for in the morning are:

  • School uniform (Inc. shoes, socks, etc.)
  • Packed lunches – make any sandwiches and prepare all food so it’s ready to go.
  • Check that all homework has been completed.
  • Sign any letters or paperwork for the school.
  • Pack the school bag.
  • P.E. kit or other special equipment needed on particular days.

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Get Up early:

Ensure that everyone wakes up with enough time to get everything done. Have a reasonable amount of time to get ready then add 20 minutes, just in case you or your child has a delay getting ready. You may or may not need that 20 minutes, but its just in case. 

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Plan Breakfast:

In the morning, give your child options for breakfast. A choice of cereals or different spreads for toast will help children feel in control in the morning and encourage them to eat breakfast. It is usually a good idea to have breakfast before getting washed and dress to avoid last-minute disasters, which could mean a change of uniform. 

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Getting Dresses:

Organizing their uniform the previous evening will prevent you worrying about not having the ability to being able to find their uniform. Children can often get distracted easily by other activities. 

It is recommended to not get too committed with helping getting your child dressed. This will help your child when getting ready after PE, if your helping your child prepare for school all the time they will not try and learn how to do it for themselves. Leaving more time for your children to dress themselves and become more independent. 

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get ahead:

Being more organized in a morning will gradually become a habit. You may have some time in hand before you need to leave the house! If something unexpected was to occur, such as a lost book bag, you would have more time to search it out. It could cause you and your child much calmer trying to seek out. Having more time could mean that you and your child are much calmer trying to find the item. 

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