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Logo Leisurewear works with David Luke to provide eco-friendly school uniform for the schools we supply. David Luke believe that ‘sustainability is not just a word, it’s a way of life’. This way of thinking underpins their conduct of being a responsible school uniform business that puts “the wellness of our planet, our people, at the heart of our operation”. 

David Luke’s Awards and Accreditations

David Luke has accumulated 2 accreditations and 6 awards over the past few years. 

Business Accreditation

In 2004, David Luke was accredited with the ISO14001 for implementing their Environmental Management System. This accreditation means they continually improve their environmental performance. They are committed to monitoring and reviewing progress. 

Fabric Accreditation – SCS Global Services

To help build their eco-credentials, David Luke started the process of third-party certifying the recycled content in their uniforms. The SCS Global Services certified that the polyester fabrics contain post-consumer waste. David Luke were the first schoolwear business to introduce recycled polyester to its project portfolio.

MEN Environment Award

David Luke won the Innovation and Technology category at the MEN Environment Awards in 2014. The award recognises the impact their Eco-uniform has on improving the environment. This includes reducing both emissions and waste. 

Best Schoolwear Supplier Award 2018

David Luke’s dedication of supporting independent retailors helped them receive the ‘Best Schoolwear Supplier’ for 2018.

Sustainability in Schoolwear Award 2019

The Schoolwear Association Awards awarded David Luke the ‘Sustainability in Schoolwear’ award. It was awarded at the start of David Luke’s 10 year Eco-versary celebrations, 10 years of manufacturing Eco-Uniform.


10 Year Eco-versary

As mentioned above, David Luke celebrated their 10 year Eco-versary at the end of 2019. It celebrated 10 years since pioneering the use of recycled polyester in school uniforms. 

Queens Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development

In April 2020, David Luke was awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. They join 19 businesses in the UK to have been given the royal seal of approval for excellence. 

David Luke's Ethical Policy

David Luke Ethical Policy talks about child labour, discrimination, wages and hours, no forcing labour, working conditions, environment, factories, and their bribery policy. 

No Child Labour

David Luke only employ workers who meet the minimum legal age of at least 16 years. They comply with all other applicable child labour laws and they encourage to develop lawful workplace apprenticeship programs.

No Discrimination

Their factories employ workers on the basis of the ability the worker can do their job and not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. The factories employ workers without regard to race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status and pay all workers the same wages and benefits.

Wages and Hours

Their factories set the working hours, wages and  overtime pay in compliance with all applicable laws. The workers are paid at least the minimum legal wage or a wage that meets the local industry standards.

Working Conditions 

All workers are treated with the same resect, dignity and provide them a safe and healthy environment. The factories compile with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the working conditions and do not use corporal punishment or any other form of physical or psychological force. 


The factories comply with environmental laws and regulations and must have an environmental management system plan and procedures for notifying local community authorities in case of accidental discharge or release or any other environmental emergency.

Bribery Policy

No employee or associated person shall seek a financial or other advantage for the company trough bribery. No employee or associated person shall offer, promise, give, request, agree to receive or accept a bribe for any purpose.

David Luke Pledges

David Luke are known for supplying Eco-uniform and want to do more to save the planet. They have set out 3 pledges to complete by 2022.



“By the end of 2020 we want to have exceeded our goal of saving 30 million plastic bottles from reaching landfill through the manufacturing of our Eco-uniform. If the bottles were laid end to end, that would be the equivalent to travelling around the moon 3 times.”

Bottle Pledge



They are reviewing packaging across the supply chain and are looking at ways to reduce, re-purpose or make recyclable.

Box Pledge



“Long Live School Uniform” – David Luke see that second-hand clothing is more accepted in general and plan to work with retailors to find solutions and best practises to bring into trading. 

Blazer Pledge

For more information, visit David Luke’s website here.

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