Dobcroft Junior School

Dobcroft Junior School Logo

For this weeks school of the week, the school is Dobcroft Junior School. Logo Leisurewear provides the junior schools uniform. Located at S7, the school provides education for 400 students aged between 7 and 11 years old.

In 2006, the school received an ‘outstanding’ rating after a full inspection by Ofsted. Then in June 2010, they had an interim assessment and still continued to have an outstanding rating.

Dobcroft Junior School Values

The Junior believes to be an inclusive school in which the “learning and teaching, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all members of the learning community matter”. The school continue to seek to remove barriers to learning, values diversity and shows respect for all individuals. Aims for the school are to maximise the potential for all pupils to lead safe, happy, healthy, and successful lives.

Dobcroft’s School Vision

Dobcroft Junior School is a welcoming, thriving community that has high expectations. Additionally, the environment, values and ethos promotes a broad spectrum of learning experiences. Dobcroft school encourages creativity, inclusivity and a love of learning in all their students.

As well as this, their staff are passionate and committed to ensuring that every child is inspired to achieve their highest potential. The staff are “proud to be part of the Dobcroft Junior School team.

Furthermore, the children feel happy and safe. They are respectful, compassionate and polite. The school believes they are “enthusiastic and resilient learners who take risks and make good academic progress.

Finally, the parents and careers work in a trusting and supportive partnership with the school, while their children go through their academic journey.

The Curriculum

The staff at Dobcroft Juniors have created a curriculum that uses both knowledge and skills. Along with this, the curriculum stimulates the children to ask questions and develop their learning to become independent thinkers. It is designed to be engaging, exciting and ensures progression through the school. In addition, this allows the children to revisit and recall skills and knowledge through their time at the school.

For a full curriculum overview, visit the Dobcroft Junior School Curriculum Overview page here.

Pupil’s Parliament

At this time, the school gives the opportunity to express their views across multiple issues that affect their daily school life. The parliament is made up of 2 representatives per class who have been voted in by other pupils. It is their responsibility of each rep to ensure that they express their views and the views of their classmates. Pupil’s Parliament gives children the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, negotiation and communication. Within the monthly meetings, the children lead discussions, actively listen to one another and then share the outputs with their own classes.

Pupil’s Parliament provides the pupils with an opportunity to make changes. In the past Pupil’s Parliament have discussed and worked with staff on the following areas:

  • Playground improvements such as investment in new play equipment and playground markings.
  • Lunch time improvements and help provide valuable feedback to the caterers.
  • Promote safer driving and car parking around school.

Each year they give the Pupil’s Parliament representatives the exciting opportunity to visit Westminster which involves a tour and an interactive workshop.

What we supply Dobcroft Junior School

The uniform we supply for Dobcroft Junior School include:

  • Polo Shirts (Long sleeve & Short Sleeve)
  • Sweatshirts & Sweat Cardigans
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Waterproof Coat
  • Summer T-shirt
  • PE T-shirt & PE Shorts
  • Gingham & Pinafore dress
  • Knitted Hat

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