One and All

At Logo Leisurewear, we use manufacturer’s that are sustainable and have a positive impact on the world around us, such as One+All. Previously known as Rowlinson, they became employee owned in 2015. This means that the company can not be sold plus it’s employees have genuine input. 

One and All being a Certified B Corporation (B Corp)

In 2020, Rowlinson (One + All) became a Certified B Corporation. Being a B Corporation means they are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. A B Corporation certificate is the gold standard for good business and is a way to build credibility, trust and long-term commercial success. 

B Corps are different from other businesses by:

  • Meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance.
  • Being open and honest about their performance, even when they don’t do so well. 
  • Being legally bound to demonstrate how they act to balance their business goals with caring for the planet and people. 

Transforming People’s Live’s

One + All has been driven by it’s values to act responsibly and continually improve. Some key initiatives that contributed to the B Corp status that helped shape it into the sustainable and ethical business it is today. 

Water Filter Machines

In 2014, they launched a programme that gifts water filer machines to workers in their Bangladeshi. The programme see workers with two years service, regardless of position, receive a water filter machine for them to take home and share with family and friends. The project was a success and both in terms with loyalty and health benefits, the qualifying time was reduced to 1 year. They have gifted over 730 water filters to their overseas workers. 

ETI chose One + All’s water filter machine gifting initiative as a “outstanding” case study of ethical best practice. Research was conducted and 90% of workers said that their quality of life has improved, with doctors visits and medical cost halved. Sickness is lowered by 47% and doctor visits are 47% lower.

“My economical condition has improved. I can support my family better. I have a son. Before if he felt sick, I couldn’t afford to consult a doctor but now I can” – Overseas worker
Living Wage Employer

In 2018, Rowlinson (One + All) became an Living Wage Employer. The Real Living Wage, which employers choose to pay voluntarily, is an hourly rate that is set independently and updated annually. It is calculated according to the real cost of living. Other benefits for colleagues include a full 8% pension contribution, a tax-free profit paid before Christmas and extra annual leave for high customer satisfaction scores, 4x death-in-service benefit, confidential interest-free loans, and assistance with budgeting and money management. They also run mental health training as well as monthly colleague satisfaction surveys. 

Supply Chain

All their products are designed in-house. They source garments directly from their Tier 1 suppliers and from one Tier 2 supplier for their knitwear. They have 38 Tier 1 suppliers with 10,138 workers in 4 countries. 

Their headquarters is in Stockport, UK.

They have a polo factory which is the longest serving supplier and manufacturer of Woodbank Polo garments. This is in Manila, Philippines and has been a supplier for One + All since 2001.They produce all Woodbank Polo’s and have onsite embroidery. 

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, they have  the cotton knitwear and sweatshirt factory and the blazer and sweatshirt factory. The cotton knitwear and sweatshirt factory is owned by New Horizon BD Limited and has been a supplier since 2012.The blazer and sweatshirt factory is exclusive supplier of Performa blazers and Woodbank sweatshirt garments with full-time One + All-employed QC staff onsite. 

The acrylic knitwear factory that provides Courtelle knitwear garments is based in Alexandria, Egypt. 

One and All caring for the planet

Since becoming certified by Planet Mark in 2019, One + All have measured their carbon emissions and have taken steps to reduce them, such as reducing cardboard and having photovoltaic solar panels. Their carbon footprint for the year 2020 ending in November was 383.9 tCO2e. 

One + All overall carbon reduction in the past year has been 41.1% with 42.9% carbon reduction per employee. 

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Systems

One + All have installed a Photovoltaic solar panel system  with the help of Kast Energy, at their head office. This helps generate double the electricity they use each year, saving 10.8 tons of CO2 and £9,000 annually. The excess energy goes into the National Grid. 

Reducing Cardboard Use

Improvements have been made to the way One + All package knitwear orders. They strap boxes together with recycled plastic strapping, instead of having 2-5 smaller boxes in large or extra-large cartons. This helps to be more cost effective and also they are doing their bit to reduce cardboard and help the planet. 

One + All logos

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