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Hallam Primary School provides education at Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield. The school provides education for 634 pupils aged between 5 and 11 years old. Hallam is apart of the Taptons Trust. In May 2018, Hallam had an Ofsted short inspection and continued to receive a good rating. 

Hallam primary school visions

Hallam Primary is a strong, caring school with a ‘pastoral structure’. They want every child to develop in every subject. The skilled plan to meet the children’s needs, personally and academically. Also, the school believe that having good relationships is the key to success and both teachers and pupils work together to make everyone feel valued. 

The curriculum is based on developing a high standard in English and Maths skills. The schools value academic achievement and creative development is valued at all stages, with the classroom focus being on challenge, engagement, inspiration and fun, memorable learning. 

As well as this, children are encouraged by teachers to be independent inside and outside the classroom. Hallam’s aim is that all the children leave the primary “believing in themselves, having the skills to support others and striving to reach their full potential”. 

Tapton School academy trust

In 2015, Hallam Primary became 1 of 8 schools to become apart of Tapton School Trust. As well as Hallam becoming apart of the trust, Tapton, Chaucer, Forge Valley, Southey Green, Meynell, Hillsborough, and Wisewood are also apart of the trust. 

The trust’s mission is to “provide an outstanding education to all” their pupils ages 0-19. They believe that young people should see their time at school as ‘safe, happy and fulfilling’.

Tapton Trust Logo

Tapton School Academy Trust schools offer:

  • Firstly, have a inclusive approach that ensures the best possible attainment, progress and achievement for every pupil.
  • Secondly, they offer a broad and balanced, enriched curriculum. 
  • Thirdly, have a safe learning environments.
  • Pupils develop resilience and self-reliance which offers them the skills to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities they will receive. 
  • Investment in the professional development of staff at the stages in the Trust.
  • Finally, the leadership will be secure at the schools. 

Uniform we supply Hallam primary school

Garments we supply for Hallam Primary, include: 

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  • PE T-shirts & PE Shorts
  • Pinafore and Gingham Dresses
  • Knitted Hat

The waterproof coat and fleeces are none exchangeable and are made to order.

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